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In the dynamic world of health and wellness, FoodPrint® emerges as an example of innovation in food sensitivity testing. This CE Marked laboratory test stands above traditional testing methods, offering a unique, personalised approach to understanding the body's reactions to various foods. For labs and healthcare practitioners around the globe, FoodPrint® represents not just a product, but a pathway to enhancing health and wellbeing. 


Why FoodPrint® Stands Out

FoodPrint® revolutionises food sensitivity testing with its state-of-the-art microarray technology. This advanced system provides quantitative analysis of food specific IgG antibody levels of up to 222 foods from human sera. It's a leap forward in precision and reliability, setting a new standard in dietary health testing. 


Key Benefits

  • Simplicity: With just a few drops of blood, which can be collected either at home or in-clinic, FoodPrint makes the process of testing straightforward and accessible. 
  • Innovative Interpretation: The results are easy to understand based on a “traffic light system,” providing clear guidance on your dietary choices. 
  • Precision in Results: FoodPrint quantifies reactions in U/mL, allowing for precise dietary planning. 
  • Comprehensive Testing: Choose from various panels, testing up to 222 food and drink antigens in duplicate, ensuring detailed and actionable results for both practitioners and patients. 
  • Integrated Support: Results are seamlessly integrated with the MyHealthTracker app, offering additional support and guidance for patients. 

Advantages of FoodPrint®

  • Advanced Technology: Utilising microarray technology, FoodPrint offers a more sensitive test than traditional ELISA methods, with a 3D surface area for antigen binding and smaller sample volume required. 
  • Efficiency and Accuracy: Capable of testing up to 128 patients in just 4 hours, FoodPrint allows high-throughput sample processing. Each test is analysed in duplicate with internal controls for greater accuracy. 
  • Comprehensive Testing: With the ability to test for up to 222 food antigens and requiring only a small sample volume (5μL of serum). 
  • Customisable and User-Friendly Reports: The reports are easy to understand and can be customised to include local language and co- branding, enhancing client engagement. 
  • FoodPrint Assure Programme: This EQAS programme monitors quality and reliable assay processing, building trust and credibility in your market. 
  • Comprehensive Training and Support: FoodPrint provides a full turn-key solution with platform, software, training, and installation, ensuring a seamless integration into your lab services.