Food Sensitivity Products from Omega Diagnostics

Health & Nutrition

Our FoodPrint® test analyses up to 222 foods for IgG antibodies and is trusted by more than 150 laboratories worldwide.

  • Fast track to a guided elimination diet​
  • Just 5µL serum required – patient can take sample at home or in clinic
  • Easy interpretation of result using “traffic light system” and quantified reactions in IgG/ml 
  • 222 food and drink antigens tested in duplicate​
  • Provides a detailed guide to patient food elimination​
  • FoodPrint allows for more detailed and actionable results for practitioners and their patients

Health & Nutrition

Our Food Detective® product tests for sensitivities across 59 common foods and can be used by the practitioner in-clinic.

  • Detects antibodies to 59 common foods​
  • Rapid - results in 40 minutes​
  • Finger-prick blood sample​
  • Colour coded reagents​
  • Controls included​ in kit
  • Clear and concise instructions​
  • Based on proven ELISA technology