Privacy and Cookie Policies

Privacy and Cookie Policies

Our Privacy Commitment to you

Omega Diagnostics Ltd want to make sure you understand what personal information we may collect about you when you interact with our organisation (“OD,” “we,” “us” and “our”), how we use your personal information, and how we keep it safe.

Our Privacy Policy explains what personal data we collect about you, how and why we use it, who we disclose it to, and how we protect your privacy. For more details, please read our full  Privacy Policy

What is a Cookie and why are they used?

What is a Cookie?

A Cookie is a small text file which are stored on a user's computer.  They are designed to hold a modest amount of data specific to a particular user and website.

Why do we use Cookies?

Cookies are a convenient way to carry information from one session on a website to another, or between sessions on related websites. This makes your visit to our site smoother. It also remembers your preferences and allows us to customise your experience.

Cookies also allow us to monitor and measure how visitors engage with our website.  We can discover what areas of the site are popular, how often visitors return, have they accessed the website from a desktop computer or a mobile device and so on. By understanding this information, we can improve and enhance the customer journey in the future.

For an up-to-date list of the cookies we use plus details of the information they provide, please read our detailed Cookies page.

Opting out of accepting Cookies

If you choose to opt out of accepting our Cookies, some functions may appear broken because of the way our site operates.  Please understand that your experience may not be as smooth or as enjoyable as we aim to deliver to all of our visitors though the overarching site will continue to work.

If you still decide to opt out, you have two options:

You can adjust the settings on your internet browser to prevent cookies being downloaded. How this is done varies according to which browser you are using, and we recommend you refer to the appropriate online help guides.

You can opt out of receiving specifically those cookies we use to track how people are using our site. Details of how to disable the Google Analytics cookies can be found in our Privacy Policy.