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Rapid test for CD4 in people living with HIV

CD4 is an important test in the care and management of people living with HIV:

  • To assess disease progression
  • Prioritise patients at risk of opportunistic infections
  • Where Treat All is not a realistic option
  • In patients with a CD4 count of less than 350 cells per μL

Typically, CD4 testing is carried out in a laboratory, however, for people in resource-limited and rural settings, it can be inaccessible. Convenient but effective point-of-care diagnostic tests can support the care of people living with HIV by providing actionable information. VISITECT® CD4 is a rapid, instrument-free, disposable, point-of-care test for CD4 in people living with HIV.

Point-of-Care Testing

The benefit of rapid results during a single visit to the healthcare facility is timely initiation of appropriate therapy, and facilitation of linkage to care and referral.

Evidence-based research has shown the benefits of point-of-care testing by improved outcomes for patients, reducing delays in decision-making and significantly less travel for patients to access healthcare1.



1Govindasamy D, Ford N, Kranzer K. Risk factors, barriers and facilitators for linkage to antiretroviral therapy care: a systematic review. AIDS 2012; 26: 2059–67.


VISITECT® CD4 is a ground-breaking, disposable, POC test for determining CD4 baseline in people living with HIV. Developed by the Burnet Institute in Melbourne, Australia, it is based on proven lateral flow technology and provides an affordable, convenient, instrument-free solution for use in laboratories and remote clinics worldwide, enabling ART therapy to become accessible to all people living with HIV.

With training, the test provides an easy-to-use, instrument-free option for a plethora of healthcare workers, including clinicians, laboratory technicians, nurses, community healthcare workers and counsellors.

Testing requires basic training, a drop of whole blood and a 40-minute waiting period. Results are semi-quantitative and can be read by eye.

VISITECT® CD4 is easy to use. This is beneficial for users who are exposed to many different types of tests in their daily work.
Test run time is 40 minutes, ensuring that a clinical decision can be made with the patient present. This reduces issues such as loss to follow-up of patients requiring care.
The test is intended to be read by eye. No machine or reader is required, making the test ideal for resource-limited settings. No electricity is required at any stage of testing or reading of results. The test can be read under adequate lighting conditions (natural or artificial).
Reduces financial burden for national HIV programmes.
No equipment required to run or read the test device.
VISITECT® CD4 can be stored at 2-30°C.


The Value of Training

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