VISITECT®CD4 Advanced Disease

VISITECT® CD4 Advanced Disease

VISITECT® CD4 Advanced Disease supports the identification of advanced disease in people living with HIV. VISITECT® CD4 Advanced Disease is a unique, instrument-free, rapid and disposable CD4 test benefiting patients and healthcare providers.

CD4 remains the best measurement of a patient's immune and clinical status, identifying those at risk of Opportunistic Infections (OI), and supporting diagnostic decision-making, particularly for patients living with advanced HIV disease.

VISITECT® CD4 Advanced Disease is a rapid, semi-quantitative lateral flow assay for the estimation of CD4 protein on the surface of CD4+ T cells in human whole blood that indicates whether the level is above or below 200 cells/μL.  It can be used in decentralised settings at the point-of-care or primary healthcare level.


VISITECT® CD4 Advanced Disease benefits people living with HIV and healthcare providers

Accelerate clinical disease management

Faster decision-making, reduce burden on healthcare workers

Reduce patient loss to follow-up 

Improve patient retention  

Test anywhere, anytime 

Convenient, disposable and read by eye 

Reduce costs 

Zero investment in equipment, no sample transport required

Improve patient outcomes 

Patients with advanced HIV disease targeted for OI investigations earlier

Patient pathway advanced disease